The Skinny on the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan

At face value, the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan sounds like another Hollywood movie: artificial and temporary. However, for people who have tried it out, the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan seems to proven itself to be more than just another diet fad.

Suzanne who?

Suzanne Somers, best known for her role as "Chrissy" in 70's sitcom Three's Company, is a Hollywood actress who decided to focus on weight loss and fitness for the past many years. The Suzanne Somers weight loss plan is her latest brainchild, which is also known as "Somersizing".

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What the diet is all about

The Suzanne Somers weight loss plan is another low-carb and high-protein diet. It is not as strict as the other low-carb diets available, but it still restricts you from eating particular types of food. The goal of the plan involves food combining while eliminating foods that contain white flour and sugar. The plan is divided into 2 levels: the initial starting level and the maintenance level.

Your meals

Eating 5 to 6 small meals a day is included in the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan. There is little or no importance to the portions of the food you can consume. Instead, there is emphasis on the way you are combining your foods.

About food combining

Food combining is being emphasized in the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan. This is a type of nutritional approach that gives importance to the time of consumption rather than the amount and type of food you are consuming. For instance, this belief states that you cannot consume citrus fruits and carbohydrates simultaneously in one meal. This is because your body has different ways of digesting different types of food.

On drinks

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water is being encouraged by the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan. You can still drink other types of beverages provided that they have calories that are less than or equal to 10.

Principles on food consumption

Aside from being low-carb and high-protein, the plan is also low in fiber, which may contribute to issues regarding constipation. The plan also emphasizes on eating anything that you want as long as you abide by the following principles:

o Never eat vegetables and protein together.

o Never eat vegetables and carbs together.

o Stay away from sugary foods and those that can break down and turn into sugar.

o Never skip meals

o Never eat carbs with fat and and protein.

o Eat fresh fruits on an empty stomach without eating anything else.

o Wait for 3 hours to pass before you change your combination of foods.

The guarantee

Your daily caloric intake is limited to the consumption of not more than 1200 calories everyday. 1200 calories in a day is not really recommended by the RDA but it seems to be widely accepted and considered as effective by some people when it comes to weight loss. Keeping this up, you can lose around 10 pounds in a span of 5 weeks. Furthermore, the plan guarantees that you can keep your metabolism active by eating small meals every now and then.

More than a diet

The Suzanne Somers weight loss plan is considered to be more than just your typical fad diet by some critics. In fact, they identify this as another approach for promoting healthy eating habits so you lose weight and be able to effectively maintain it for as long as you live. The plan lets you learn about correct eating patterns that are suitable for your body so you can combine the correct foods based on the right time.

No more food deprivation

The weight loss plan also boasts of its ability to keep you satisfied when you eat a lot of its real and delicious food so you won't feel deprived of having to miss out on all the yummy stuff. Furthermore, the plan is also proud of the fact that you can eat all the delicious foods that you want but you are still able to lose weight.


Finishing level one of this weight loss plan means that you have already achieved your ideal weight. However, it does not stop there. You need to be able to maintain your ideal weight. This is where level two comes in. Level two involves maintenance. You are still required to follow the eating principles of the plan but this time, you are allowed to enjoy your "comfort foods" (i.e. wine and chocolates) in moderation.

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